Autistic Characters in Television

I love Grey’s Anatomy as much as the next person, but I stopped watching sometime in 2012, around the time of the plane crash – if you watch, you know what I’m talking about. But just recently, I decided to start rewatching the show, and since I now have an autism diagnosis, I was excited when autistic character Dr. Virginia Dixon came to Seattle Grace in season 5. Dr. Dixon has ASD, but it’s not explicitly said until the end of the episode. In fact, before we even meet her, Dr. Webber says that she’s “a bit off.” His comment didn’t bother me all that much, but what really got me (and what was honestly super cringey) was just how autistic Dr. Dixon really was.

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Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Photo by Hyttalo Souza on Unsplash

So, What’s the Deal With Vaccines?

This is one of the most controversial topics concerning parents and the autism community. People have been opting out of vaccinating their children for years now, and it’s starting to catch up with them: there have been six recent cases of the measles in Texas alone.[1] While the decision of whether or not to vaccinate your children is ultimately a personal decision, it has now begun to affect other people very negatively, which makes it a much bigger issue.

After learning more about the vaccine controversy, I realized that I have three main issues with the argument: I think the science behind it is extremely flawed, anti-vaxxers are putting other people in danger, and by arguing so vehemently against the “possible side-effects” of vaccines, people are forgetting why vaccines exist in the first place — to protect against awful and deadly diseases.

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My Autism Diagnosis Story

Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash

I have always known that something was different about me. It’s also very possible that the people close to me know it, too. I’ve always been shy, anxious, and quirky. I’m a picky eater, I crave alone time, and I sometimes get way too upset about things that other people don’t care about. It was only after years of searching for what made me different, that I was diagnosed with autism at the age of twenty-five.

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