Hello, there!

Welcome to Girl on the Spectrum. My name is Rachel, and I was diagnosed with autism (Asperger’s, high-functioning autism — whatever you want to call it) in early 2018 at age 25. You can read more about my diagnosis here. I believe that this late diagnosis gives me a unique perspective, not only about autism but also about growing up as an undiagnosed autistic. I hope to help people who are wondering if they have ASD, parents of autistic children, or others with late diagnoses.

After my diagnosis, I began searching for fellow autistics to connect with. There aren’t any meetups for autistic adults where I live, so I searched for fellowship on social media. I dug deep but came up short. Unfortunately, most of the autistic internet presence consists of parents of autistic children, rather than teens or adults who are on the spectrum themselves. This frustrated me because there are communities for just about everything else out there, but there’s a void when it comes to the autism community. So I decided to do something about that.

What to Expect from Girl on the Spectrum

My goal for this blog is to give me a space to write about my life on the spectrum, as well as about autism in general.

You can also check out the “All About Autism” tab, which has tons of information about autism, the difference between autism and Asperger syndrome, FAQs, and some super helpful resources that I highly recommend.

I hope this blog will provide a space for those on the spectrum that is full of information, support, and a sense of community. Please consider following the blog so you don’t miss any future posts. Thank you for stopping by!


If you’d like to reach out to me, you can send me an email here.